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19 year old girl to be dedicated as a devadasi rescued

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

February 19, 2021.  Police rescued a 19 year old girl in the State of Karnataka in India who was to be dedicated as a devadasi.  The rescued girl's mother in this instance was  a former devadasi. 

The Society classifies the devadasi system as a form of hierodulic servitude.  The girl is dedicated to a Hindu deity.  After dedication, the girl is then sold to an older wealthy man.  As she gets older and loses the bloom of her youth, the man casts her off into a life of misery in a red light district. 

The Society's Secretary met girls dedicated as devadasis in India as part of the Society's investigation into hierodulic servitude in India. and West Africa.  Although our investigation found that the devadasi system has been in decline, it still persists in rural areas.