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20 child slaves rescued from bangle-making factories in India

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

October 5, 2020.  As many as 20 children have been rescued from three bangle-making factories in the State of Hyderabad in India.

According to the police, the owners made false promises to their children's parents (who lived in poverty) to convince them to allow them to bring their children from the State of Bihar (the second poorest State in India) where they would be well looked after.

Once there, the owners forced the children to work in their bangle manufacturing factories.

“The children were forced to work from 6 am to 11 pm without any rest and detained in these houses, police found. They were not allowed to move freely or go outside as the buildings were kept locked. They were provided with stinking food and kept in congested rooms in inhuman conditions. All the children were treated like slaves,” according to the police report.

The police identified the owners as Mohammed Thoufiq, Mohammed Sarfaraj, Mohammed Mujahid, Imtiyaz and Mano Devi. They have been charged with offences under the section 370(a) (exploitation of a trafficked person), 374 (unlawful compulsory labour) of Indian Penal Code, section 79 (bondage of a child for employment) of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015, section 14(1) of the Child Labour Act 1986, and section 18 of the Bonded Labour Act 1986.