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Gang of slave traffickers arrested in Bangladesh

Friday, June 04, 2021

Police in Bangladesh have arrested seven slave traffickers who used the TikTok app to lure young women and girls before selling them as slaves in India.  The women and girls are poor.  They were promised work in India, only to be sold as slaves.  A video emerged showing one of the women being tortured. More...

ILO and UNICEF to release new child labor report

Friday, June 04, 2021

June 9, 2021.  The ILO and UNICEF have compiled a report on child labor.  The Society has been informed about its contents as it has been released to the media.  However, publication of the report is embargoed until June 9, 2021 at 5.30 pm Geneva time.  The headquarters of the ILO are in Geneva. More...